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Life is short, and your time is one of the most precious commodities there is. Once you’ve spent it, you’re never going to get it back! Our goal is to be the best virtual assistant resource for Europe.

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EU based

We are IN Europe, and FOR Europe.
We are in the Central European time zone, and are multilingual with English, Polish, German and French.
Being in the EU we can enter into EU contractual arrangements and non-disclosure agreements.

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Flexible assistant hire, from as little as one month.
We are pleased to offer concierge or personal assistant services to individuals, companies, and enterprises.

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Local focus

We think about your local environment. We devote time to research and build up an internal knowledgebase of all the issues our customers face.
As Poland is an EU country many of our assistants have been to your regions in person, and have first hand knowledge.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.


Wojciech Panufnik    Warsaw, Poland   

I had the pleasure of making use of EuroConcierge's services. The services of the assistant turned out to be a very helpful solution at a time when I needed additional help with some tasks that could be done remotely.
The tasks entrusted to EuroConcierge related mainly to translations, and editing several texts in English. All tasks were done accurately and on time. I really liked their professional customer service and they regularly gave status updates.


Stuart F.    Norwich, England   

Really impressed with this service. As a teacher, during the week I'm very busy and I have little time to deal with the 'stuff of life'. This company is a genius idea that really helped with dealing with an issue and even set up appointments for me. It was good to unload the stress onto their shoulders!

Great, courteous service. Highly recommended!


Nuno Vitoria    Switzerland   

Since arriving in Switzerland I often struggled when trying to get in touch with local authorities and other German speaking entities. EuroConcierge offered an excellent service at a very reasonable price, providing knowledgeable assistants that spoke perfect English and German. They allowed me to focus on what really matters to me rather than navigate blindly through endless nightmarish bureaucracy... I even got them to book me a haircut!
Totally recommend it!!!

Starting at €199 per month

Get a motivated assistant without the overhead of hiring yourself

  • Only pay for time active on your tasks
  • Advanced task scheduling and status management
  • Polish based EU VAT registered company
  • Security conscious about your private data
  • Multilingual options


Randhir Kang    Basel, Switzerland   

I found, that being native English speaker living in Switzerland, I would procrastinate on a number of items on my to do list. That is until I found EuroConcierge who offered a great service in calling around and finding me the best offers for what I was looking for. They even set up the appointments.

It is great sense of satisfaction that things are getting done.

Thank you EuroConcierge


Brian B.    Sopot, Poland   

I had left my Zurich apartment and when calculating the deposit return, the landlord wrongly charged me for damage repair that had been there from before I moved into the apartment. After no action from phone calls and emails, I tasked a virtual assistant to help. She prepared the paperwork (in German) to present the case to the landlord, and sent it registered mail. Two weeks later I had 1300 francs returned. Not bad for less than three hours work!


Nicole Scherrer    Switzerland   

When I found out what EuroConcierge was all about, I signed up straight away. I had recently returned from abroad back to German speaking Switzerland, and was not looking forward to having to deal with the language again. My husband was looking to set up his own business and it was very difficult to get information other than in German.

EuroConcierge was invaluable in finding out everything we needed. They have also helped me in other areas, and I’m very thankful to them for taking away the headache of having to communicate in German!

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